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Worbla Crystal Art 100 gram

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Worbla Crystal Art 100 gram
Worbla Crystal Art 100 gram
Worbla Crystal Art 100 gram
5.50 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Doorschijnende vormen maak je nu nog makkelijker met Worbla’s Crystal Art. Worbla’s Crystal Art is een hervormbaar plastic en wordt door middel van hitte geactiveerd. Het werkt gemakkelijk en blijft na verwarming doorschijnend!

Worbla Crystal Art is a thermoplastic malleable through heat: rigid when it’s cold and flexible when heated. It comes into the form of small beads that you will have to heat in a pan with hot water or with a heatgun. After being heated, It’s like modeling clay!

Unlike Deco Art, it’s transparent and you will be able to make a lot of stuffs. Also, you can add some LED’s in for light effects and add colors to obtain several transparents items: luminous horns, ice picks, gems, your imagination is your limit!

When It’s hot, the Worbla stay malleable for 5 minutes. If it’s hardening again or if you are not satisfied, a little heat and here we go again!
The Worbla Crystal Art is a flammable materials so be careful not to burn yourself! If it happens apply a bit of cold water on the burn being carefull not to pour it directly on top of it. To avoid any risks, use heatproof gloves.
Don’t swallow . Don’t put in the eye.